JM Total Clean

Roof Cleaning

Revitalize Your Roof

Shielding Your Home: Beyond keeping you dry in Oregon rain, your roof safeguards the structure. Let our skilled professionals preserve your investment and prolong roof lifespan by eliminating moss, mold, mildew, and algae, preventing unsightly damage that may spread if untreated. Whether it’s bi-annual debris removal or a gentle roof softwash, our team ensures it happens!

A Bit About Our Process​​


  • Before we do anything on the roof, we spray any vegetation or decking that surrounds the home to help ensure that it is not impacted by the cleaning.


  • Next, we use a medium-thistle brush to remove the bulky clumps of moss. This allows the chemical treatment to penetrate the roots of the moss and algae. Following a scrub, we will blow down the roof to remove dirt and debris that has collected on the roof.


  • Lastly, we soak the entire roof with a roof washing mix to treat and kill moss at the root level. The results can differ depending on the material of roofing and the organism on it. For example, if you have black streaking caused by algae, it will be cleaned the same day of our service. For the thicker moss on the other hand, it will take multiple months for it to be completely clean.
Worker is cleaning the roof and rainwater gutter with high pressure.
Before After