JM Total Clean

House Washing

Gentle Cleaning, Powerful Results

Employing soft wash techniques, our house washing services expertly eliminate dirt, bacteria, mold, and mildew from various surfaces such as roofs and siding. Operating at low pressure, soft washing minimizes the risk of damage to your home or building, and our adaptable equipment enables seamless adjustments to handle varying degrees of mold, moss, or mildew with a simple flip of a switch.

A Bit About Our Process​​

  • Prior to treatment, we spray any vegetation or decking that surrounds the home to help ensure that it is not impacted by the cleaning.
  • Next, we spray the targeted surface with our blend of soaps and chemicals to kill any moss and remove dirt and debris.
  • Lastly, we rinse the surface several times to ensure all debris has been removed and the surface is left clean.
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Washing Options

Our house washing services utilize soft wash to effectively remove dirt, bacteria, mold, and mildew from surfaces like roofs, siding, etc.

Soft washing is operated at low pressure or “soft pressure” to decrease risk of damage to your home or building.

Our equipment allows for us to adjust blends at the flip of a switch to handle any amount of mold, moss or mildew.

Not worried about moss or mold?

Our soap wash package might be the option you’re looking for. Soap wash provides a thorough cleaning under low pressure to remove dirt and grime at a more economical rate.